Art and paintings of the
American Revolutionary War


- Israel Bissell sounding the alarm
throughout the colonies, April 19, 1775

Below: Copy of the letter carried by Israel Bissell, the name of Israel Bissell is highlighted in red.
Below that, the text from the letter.

---- Note: There are those who claim that the person that did the ride was named Isaac and not Israel.  It is clear that they didn't see the actual letter (below) which Bissell carried.  In red is the name "Israil", not Isaac.


Analysis of the letter:

Part of the text of the call to arms:

Wednesday Morning near 10 of the clock


To all friends of American Liberty be it known that this morning before break of day a Brigade consisting of about 1,000 or 1,200 men landed at Phip’s farm at Cambridge and Marched to Lexington, where they found a company of our Colony Militia in Arms, upon whom they fired without provocation, and killed six men and wounded 4 others. By an express from Boston we find that another brigade is now upon their march from Boston, supposed to be about 1,000. The bearer, Israil Bissell, is charged to alarm the country quite to Connecticut, and all persons are desired to furnish him with fresh horses, as they may be need."



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